Feeling low & stuck? Do this.

September 25, 2019

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Have you been feeling stuck lately? Not sure what to do next? Not sure if you’re doing the right thing? Maybe you’re even starting to doubt yourself and the things you want to do or achieve. 

Sounds familiar?

Here’s some good news: you’re not alone (hell, I’ve been there). 
Here’s more good news: feeling stuck and full of doubt is normal. 

If you want to make a big change or are chasing some big and lofty goals, you’re bound to feel this way at some point. It’s inevitable. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. No one feels inspired, motivated and super clear on where they’re heading or what they’re doing all the time. 

No one has it all figured out all the time – even if it looks that way from the outside. 

I’ve seen so many people who felt stuck, frustrated about their careers, confused about where they’re heading, unclear about the next steps, unsure if they would EVER like what they do for a living. So many people. 

And yet… they broke through it. They were able to make big, lasting changes or get back on track to achieve those big and lofty goals. 

I got curious, I wanted to know what they attributed their success to. So, I started paying attention to what they did and asked them what it was that helped them to get unstuck.

What did they do that changed everything?

Their answers surprised me. 

I thought maybe a specific conversation with someone propelled them forward. Or maybe it was just that they started taking small steps every day towards their goals. Or maybe it simply was a declaration to themselves that they would do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. 

None of that was what they said. 

They all said the same thing. If you’re still reading this, I bet you want to know what it is. 

They all said that the one thing that helped them to get unstuck, shed doubt and start moving forward was prioritising they own physical, mental and emotional needs.

They realised that they needed to keep their cup full, so to speak. 

They realised that they couldn’t make a big change or chase big, lofty goals if they felt drained, exhausted, flat, agitated and stressed out. They just wouldn’t have the energy or capacity for it. 

It makes perfect sense. 

If you feel drained (whether that’s physically, mentally or emotionally) it’s harder to deal with setbacks and challenges that come your way. We’ve all experienced this, right? For example, if you’ve had a stressful day at work, you might not cope that well with the commute home and as a result have zero motivation or energy to do some research for the business you’re starting on the side. Similarly, if you’re super tired, you might be quicker to snap at your other half and end up in a fight that would never have happened if you weren’t that tired to start with.  

When we feel low, we lose our ability to let unimportant things wash over us and find it harder to do those things that our future self would thank us for. We also have less brain power to come up with new ideas, nifty solutions and spot opportunities. Our body is essentially in a fight-or-flight mode and there’s no spare energy to facilitate creative thinking. 

On the flip side, if you feel physically, mentally or emotionally well, it’s much easier to let those unimportant things slide and focus your time and energy on things that matter. You won’t be as bothered by the commute home and won’t snap at your other half for no real reason. 

So if you’re feeling stuck right now, take some time to assess how you’re doing physically, mentally or emotionally. Are you feeling drained, flat, exhausted, agitated or stressed out? 

If the answer is yes (which is very likely), the first thing to do is understand what drains you and what energises you. 

This is different to each and every one of us, but to give you an idea, these are things that drain me: a grey, rainy day, mindless scrolling on social media, not getting enough sleep, taking the tube at rush hour, being stuck in traffic, a messy house. 

There’s not much I can do about some of these things. I can’t change the weather and can’t let traffic magically disappear (that would be amazing though). 

Here’s the thing: if I know I’ve experienced a lot of things that drain me and my cup is getting empty, I can always do things that raise my energy level and fill my cup up again, like: taking my dog Harvey for a walk, go for a run, practice yoga, do 10 minutes of meditation, read a book, eat healthy food and drink plenty of water, have a good conversation with my hubby or a friend, listen to some music, keeping the house tidy. 

Once you know what drains you and what energises you, you need to prioritise those things that keep your cup full – especially when you’re feeling low. It will make you more resilient and allowed you to show up, do what’s necessary and face challenges with newfound energy, inspiration, motivation and confidence.

It really is a game changer. 

Know what drains you, know what energises you and then make sure you always do more things that energise you than things that drain you. It’s that simple. 

Give it a go yourself. 

Take 5 minutes to answer the following questions: 

  • What things suck the life out of you? 

  • What things bring you back to life? 

  • When can you make time during the next 7 days to do more of those energy, life giving things?

You got this, 


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