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Should you take the job if your heart’s not in it?

March 9, 2022

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So, you’re fed up with your current job or career, and you’ve found a new potential job. GREAT!

The only problem? Your heart’s not fully in this new job. You’re not so sure if you should go for this job, or wait for a better one (perhaps even wait for your dream job).

In the video below, I’m going to help you figure out if you should take a new job if your heart’s not in it.

You’ll learn if your job is an exit job, good enough job, or grass is greener job, and what that means for your decision to take or not take the job
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“Should I take the job if my heart’s not in it?”

Hey hey it’s Iris – helping you find a new job you love and care about, and build a career that works for YOU. So if you feel that your current job or career isn’t quite right for you anymore, and you’d love love love to do something else, then you’ve come to the right place!

In today’s video I’m going to help you figure out if you should take a new job if your heart’s not in it. 

You’ll find out if your job is an exit job, good enough job, or grass is greener job, and what that means for your decision to take or not take the job – so stick around. 

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Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of corporate professionals successfully change careers. 

Let me tell you, a lot of them got to this point where they were considering taking a job that they weren’t sure about. 

Some of them did end up taking the job, whilst others didn’t. 

There’s no one right answer to the question: should I take the job if my heart’s not in it. 

Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no… 

What I’m about to share has helped the people I worked with to make up their mind, and I hope it it will help you too. 

Really what I want for you is to feel confident in the decision that you end up making. 

So, in one of my recent videosI spoke about the concept of dream jobs/good enough jobs/exit jobs.  It’s this one right here: 5 warning signs you should decline a job offer. If you haven’t watched it, go watch it after you’ve finished watching this one.

Make note of this concept of dream jobs/good enough jobs/exit jobs – because they are important. 

I’ll explain what good enough jobs + exit jobs are in a second, but for now…

I’m guessing that the job that you’re considering isn’t your dream job – otherwise you wouldn’t be watching this video! 

Maybe the job you’re considering is a good enough job.

A good enough job is a job that’s not exactly your dream job, but it’s either a step in the right direction or it’s a job that gives you something that’s of value to you – like the time, money, or headspace to figure out your next steps.  

What I want you to know is this: 

Your job doesn’t need to be your be-all and end-all

It’s okay to take a job if you’re heart is not 100% in it, IF it fills an important need 

  • For example: you’re currently working in toxic environment, and it’s not good for you. You are certain new job will give you the space to breath, because you have friends or peers who are working there, so you have first hand insight into what it’s really like to work there.

  • Or, maybe you currently have no time for a life outside work, and you know this new job will give you time to do things outside of work.

If that’s the case – then by all means, go for the job, and don’t feel guilty if your heart’s not 100% in it. 

We’ve somehow come to believe that we need to be 100% committed or 100% into every job we ever have – and that’s just not true. 

You’re allowed to take a job, do what you need to do to deliver on your responsibilities, but not be shouting from the rooftops what an amazing job it is. 

Look – I’m not talking about taking a job that you think you’re going to hate here. 

All I’m saying is that it’s okay if your job is a means to an end. 

So when should you NOT take the job? 

This is where exit jobs and grass is greener jobs enter the arena. 

Seriously reconsider taking the job if it’s a so-called exit job. 

An exit job might feel like a lifeline, as it allows you to move on from your current job or career, but it often only turns out to be a short term solution, that leaves you in the same position where you are now: wanting to leave a job that’s not right for you. 

An exit job often presents itself to you through a headhunter or recruiter, who approached you for the role. So you probably feel flattered, but remember: the headhunter or recruiter has selected you on the basis of your current cv – the job you are doing now – not on where you would like to move next, so there’s a good chance this job is a continuation of the path that you’re currently on, and not in line with where you want to go. 

If the job you’re considering is a grass is greener job, that’s another reason to reconsider going for it. 

A grass is greener job is like ‘low hanging fruit’. It’s a job that usually fits your CV, your past experience and skill set well, so it’s relatively easy to land a grass is greener job. 

BUT… the trouble is that it doesn’t address the root cause of your dissatisfaction, and so the same issues might arise. 

Let’s say that you feel that there’s not much room for you to progress anymore in your current role, or at the company you’re working for. 

You also have this constant feeling that there’s something else you want to do with your career, but you can’t put your finger on it, and you don’t know what that something else is, so you ignore it. 

You then find another job, quite similar to what you’re doing now, at a competitor, a client, or even in another industry – and the growth prospects are fantastic. 

You decide to go for it, because you hope/think/believe that this new job will be the solution as the potential to progress or grow is huge. 

This is a grass is greener job.

You take the job, but then later realise that you still have that constant feeling that you want to do something else with your career, and that the type of role you’re doing has all along been the real problem – not the lack of growth or progression.  

So I urge you to get super clear on what’s currently not working for you in your job/career. 

Is this something that can be ‘fixed’ by simply moving to another company, or do you need to make a bigger change, and do something completely different?

So there you have it, reasons why you should or shouldn’t take a job if your heart’s not 100% in it. 

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