5 essential tools every solopreneur should use

November 7, 2018

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Life as a solopreneur can be a bit overwhelming. There is so much to do, yet no-one else to do it. Newsletters, social media, website updates, accounts, customer service, business development, sales, marketing campaigns.

As a solopreneur you have to juggle a lot of different things.

It’s the nature of the beast.

Fortunately there are some incredible tools out there that can help you to do it all. Up until last year I ran my coaching business and The Wellscene, all by myself. I’ve now got someone to help me out, but it was just me myself and I for the past three and a bit years.

During that time I’ve tried and tested a lot of different tools to help me stay focused, accomplish my goals, create beautiful looking content and deliver my products and services.

Here’s a round up of my 5 favourite tools.

To set and accomplish goals: Daily Greatness Business Planner

Daily Greatness has a range of journals to help you set and achieve your fitness, wellness, health, yoga, personal development and business goals. Their Business Planner is an unmissable tool if you struggle to stay on top of everything that you need to do. In the first section of the journal you’ll write down your one, three, five and ten year vision for your business and your quarterly goals. The second section focuses on setting small daily goals that will help you to achieve your bigger goals. There are even weekly and quarterly reviews to support your learning and growth.

To stay focused: Headspace

I’m a massive fan of meditation. While it’s true that its roots can be traced back to ancient eastern spiritual practices, science has finally caught up and acknowledged its benefits. Meditation and especially mindfulness have become mainstream and millions of people, from yogis to CEOs, have jumped on the bandwagon. For good reason: it has the ability to lower stress, boost creative thinking and improve focus.

New to meditation? There are lots of guided meditations out there to help you establish a regular meditation practice. Headspace is one of my favourite ones.

To create beautiful looking content: Canva

Thanks to Canva you don’t need to hire a graphic designer to create stunning and professional looking content. Canva makes designing marketing collateral for your social media accounts, website and newsletter an absolute breeze.

To plan social media posts: Later

Later ‘humbly’ calls itself the #1 marketing platform for Instagram, but with good reason. Its visual grid helps you to create a coherent and attractive looking Instagram feed. But that’s not all, their search & repost feature can save you tons of time if you have a Feature Account (i.e. an account that features other users’ images). Later also allows you to schedule social media posts for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

To do your accounts: Quickbooks Self-Employed

Many new and small business owners dread doing their accounts. I used to be one of them. It just felt like so much and, quite frankly, boring work. If that sounds painfully familiar, you’ll love Quickbooks Self-Employed. It’s never been easier to know how much money you’re earning, how much is going out and fill in your annual tax return.

There you have it – 5 great tools to make your life as a solopreneur a whole lot easier. Go try them out and let me know what you think of them?

You got this,

Iris x

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