I help people like you purposefully and confidently move their career into a new direction, and find a new job or launch their own side project in the next 3 - 6 months

A career change programme for ambitious professionals to gain clarity & focus, and build a meaningful and fulfilling career

1-2-1 Career Change coaching

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You don’t hate your job, but you don’t love it either, and you can't help but think "there must be more to life than this".

You feel frustrated to have to pour time and energy into something you don't feel passionate about. 

You feel exhausted and burnt out, and know you can't go on like this much longer. Your health (and maybe even personal relationships) are suffering, or have started to suffer, and that’s a real no-go for you. 

What you need is less guesswork & more structure…

What if I said changing careers doesn’t have to be overwhelming and risky?

Does this sound like you?


You’re lacking the clarity to know how to move your career forward and into a new direction. 

I bet you already have some ideas (however vague), but you need more clarity and focus. 

Your ideas are just ideas at the moment, and not tangible enough. 

Perhaps you’ve already been trying to figure out how to make a living off these ideas, but you haven’t cracked the code yet - so to speak. 

Or perhaps these ideas have just been pie in the sky ideas, and you now want to see if you can turn these into a career. 

Well, then read on… this 1-2-1 career change programme is for you. 

Is that you?

feeling excited, motivated, and passionate about your work

knowing exactly what you want

confident in your next move

not feeling challenged or appreciated

having vague ideas

exhausted, stuck, & demotivated


Go from

being in control & doing things that ‘move the needle’

overworked & overwhelmed

— t russell, london

With Iris’ guidance and fresh perspective, it turned out a role I had ruled out was actually viable. As a result, I have a new focus and am excited about my future.

She really cares and goes on the journey with you. I can't thank or rave about her enough.”

Save yourself months (perhaps even years!) of trying to figure it out by following a tried and tested career change method.
Feel guided and supported as you confidently navigate through your career change with clarity and focus. 

 Take away the stress, frustration and struggle of changing careers, and give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re doing all the right things. 

Let me help you gain clarity and focus, and move your career in a new direction using a research backed, tried and tested, method that’s helped thousands of people successfully change careers. 

I once was in your shoes. I know what it’s like to be in a job or career that no longer feels right for you. 

Fortunately I have been able to turn my career (and life!) around. I went from being tied to the office in London to having total freedom, and relocating with my husband and two sons to the beautiful Cape Winelands in South Africa. 

From feeling uninspired, unchallenged, and unmotivated to feeling excited and passionate about the work I do. My work and career is getting the best out of me (in so many ways), and it’s aligned with how I want to live my life. 

I know this is possible for you to, and I’m here to show you how to do it - but so much faster than I did it. 

Because here’s the truth: it took me YEARS to move my career into a new direction, and feel established in it. 

I was following the traditional career change methods, and I’ve since learnt that these methods are outdated and not very effective. 

Sadly a lot of career coaches, career counsellors, and career change books still follow the traditional methods. These methods tend to overcomplicate the career change process, and as a result people feel stuck, lost and unable to move forward. 

I now know that there’s a better way. 

Hi, I’m Iris Smyth, an ex-corporate professional turned career transition coach. 

  • Gain clarity and focus, and understand the direction or field of work you want to move into next

  • Learn the best tools and strategies to enable you to purposefully move your career into that new direction, and do so with confidence in yourself and your abilities

  • Transform vague ideas into possible career paths or side/passion projects

  • Explore ideas you already have, and determine which one(s) to ditch and which one(s) to pursue

  • Start or grow your side/passion project, and quickly find out if it has potential 

  • Learn how to leverage your passions, skills, and talents, so you can excel in your new career path

  • Create a strong new career narrative, so that you can confidently communicate your career transition story when you meet new people and expand your professional network

  • Discover fun and non-cringey ways to meet and have conversations with new people, and develop your professional network in a way that benefits your career 

  • Learn how to get access to the hidden job market and get companies to create jobs specifically for YOU

  • Develop a variety of strategies to finance-proof your transition and feel financially in control 

what you can expect

For this 1-2-1 full career change programme working with me to guide you every step of the way to take control over your career, and build a career that you’re genuinely proud of.


1 payment of £1297 OR 3 payments of £447


say no more, i'm in!

To find out more, click below to book in your free 30-minute discovery call with me today

I know this programme gives results. I'm so confident in it, that I'm happy to give you a full refund if you've done the work, and you're not happy with the results

100% satisfaction guarantee

"I am now in a new job which I really enjoy. Very grateful for iris' support and coaching"

"I was in the process of changing my career direction at the time I started working with Iris, and she helped me a lot with support, encouragement and methodical approach. 

I am now in a new job which I really enjoy, looking at the next steps I'd like to take on my career path and feeling much more confident, energised and optimistic about my abilities." - Natalya Z, London

"I never thought it was possible to do it" 

"I have come so far in my career from where I was - in a job that was completely unsuited to me and affected by social and home life too. Now I am in a new job that I love, but not only that - I now have a side business in yoga teaching that has also given me a wonderful sense of fulfilment and joy in my life. 

Working with Iris allowed me to bring my whole self to the table, not just one element of me or my career and for that reason I’ve seen progress that I couldn’t have even imagined at the time!” - Ashleigh Bell, London

"I've gone from finding work a huge stressor, to being energised and fulfilled by my work" 

"I was lucky to be part of a Career Change Accelerator led by Iris. The experience was truly transformational, both in terms of mindset and results.

I'm immeasurably more capable of taking control of my career and creating personal opportunities and couldn't be more thankful for the sustainable change she helped to bring about.” - Claire Osborne, London

"I’ve gained so much confidence in my abilities!"

Before working with Iris I was at the point of dreading going into work, but not knowing what I’d do if I didn’t. With her guidance and fresh perspective, it turned out a role I had ruled out was actually viable. As a result, I have a new focus and am excited about my future. I know where I am headed next.

Iris is so knowledgeable, genuine, and fun to work with. She really cares and goes on the journey with you. I can't thank or rave about her enough.” - T Russell, London

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